Spectator Restrictions

Current Covid-19 Related Spectator Restrictions by Venue

Current Covid-19 Related Spectator Restrictions by Venue

Valid 23rd September onwards 

Moss Farm Astro   One adult Spectator per child
Moss Farm Grass Pitches  One adult Spectator per child
Hartford Astro  See below and follow instructions from Hartford staff / volunteers 
Winsford Astro  No Spectators allowed - Spectators to remain in their cars
U14,U15 & U16's  Restrictions Specified & Communicated by Home Team

These restrictions may change week by week - please check back for updates

Winsford Academy Communication to League:

  • We do not permit any spectators on site. 
  • We do not permit warm-ups on the grass: Grass and dirt could be carried onto the 3G pitch and contaminate the surface. There would also be an impact on the grass pitches.
  • We do allow teams to warm-up on the Multi Use Game Area (MUGA) prior to entering the 3G area.

Hartford High School Communication to League:

  • No spectators are allowed within the 3G cage 
  • Only spectators for primary school children (aged 11 and under) can have one spectator, around the outside of the facility in correctly social distanced bubbles.
  • Some teams and clubs are preferring to say to parents to just drop off and leave the children with the team manager/club representatives so that they do not have to manage spectators.
  • We have also asked that groups of people do not congregate around the entrance to the facility when dropping off.




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