Team Intentions 22/23

To all Club Secretaries / Head of Girls.

Please find below a link to a Team Intentions form, this must be completed by 30th April. (this time with link :-)
This is just your forecasted team intentions at each age group. We understand things change and your actual submittal pre-season may alter but collecting intentions allows us to plan.

Note please complete your main locality as where you are based (i.e Wirral or Mid etc) but if on team by team basis you have a desire for a team to play in another locality then you are able to state this on the form.


Class of 22 - Womens Euro Legacy Programme

Cheshire fa will be supporting 22 females with a coach development offer to inspire, empower and support them on their coaching journey.

For All Officers Programme 2022

Want to make your club more inclusive? Do you fancy becoming a 'for all' officer and working with Cheshire FA to help develop an inclusive game that we can all be proud of?

FA Respect

Creating the right environments for our players, both on and off the pitch is so important. Even though your role could be slightly different from someone else within your club or league, it’s important that we all play our part in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

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Guidance : Concussion in youth football

FA updated guidance on dealing with concussion in youth football.

This article provides helpful information about how to recognise and manage a concussion – from the time of injury through to a player's safe return to football.

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